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Before founding Manchester Financial in 1990, Robert Katch was Pepperdine University’s Associate Treasurer for seven years. In the years prior, he worked at the “Big 8” accounting firm of Arthur Young and Company in Los Angeles in its Merger & Acquisition and International Corporate Taxation groups.

Robert’s passion to start Manchester derives from his experience with the vastly superior approach which institutional investors (such as large endowments, foundations and pension funds) enjoy over the retail investment services offered to individuals by banks and brokerage firms. While some things have improved over the years, most of the disparities still remain. Thus, Manchester continues to thrive by providing our clients with savvy financial planning and astute portfolio management.

Even as we grow and improve, we remain focused on our core deliverable of protecting and growing our client’s lifestyles. We accomplish this by always doing what is right to meet the unique needs of each client and consistently delivering superior results by using our knowledge, experience and wisdom.


Fiduciary Advice

Most “advisors” are not fiduciaries and are held to a low standard where the advice must merely be suitable for you but need not be in your best interests.

We are registered with the SEC under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940 which makes us a fiduciary. Therefore, Manchester is held to a high standard and must always do what is in our clients’ very best interest.

This difference could impact you in several ways including how your advisor is paid (how much, when and by who) and how your advisor invests (conflicts, restrictions, limits, and permissions).

If you’re not sure what type of advisor you have, you most likely don’t have a fiduciary advisor.

We’d be glad to help you figure it out and understand how Manchester can better serve you.


Intelligent Reporting

We know you’re busy or would rather spend your time on more pleasurable activities, so we’ve developed an online portal to deliver timely information to you when you want it.

Additionally, you’ll receive a quarterly statement and newsletter along with monthly custodial reports, periodic updates about market events and interesting strategic adjustments in your portfolio.

We also offer a tax reporting package for your CPA and a pension reporting package for your TPA if desired.

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